Heroes and Villains (feat. Misfit B. Nogood)

by A.L.S.

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Well, well, well -look who we have here:
The most humble in the game, just had to make that clear.
Forgive me, I can’t always be Mr. Modesty
Especially when recently you haven’t heard a lot from me.
And honestly, I’d rather be a legend than a wash-out.
Haters in the crow’s nest just so they can watch out.
Don’t take me for granite, cuz you know the way I rock this.
Convertible raps, you just can’t top this.
When I’m rollin’ PCH, ‘bout to take OC back.
System to 11, Cali sun, and Vince P tracks.
LB, OC, SD, yes we
Are educated highly so you best not test me.
I’m gonna take you back to school like each fall session.
Y’all ain’t had not class, so I’m gonna teach y’all lessons.
Really just a nice guy, and you can’t stand it.
But every human being’s got a few bad habits.

(Chorus - Misfit B. Nogood):
It’s that good ol’ bad shhh.
Good ol’ rap shhh.
Hit it high, catch us goin’ out the atmos’.
Nod your head if you love that boom-bap shhh.
Nod your head if you love that boom-bap shhh.

(Misfit B. Nogood):
It’s that new shhh. Word to your mother, I’ma learn ya.
Long Beach Eastsider, I put my curb up.
I be Nogood, and so you won’t see no worser.
Backpack rap, Jansport packs a burner.
Heard of me? If you heard of me,
I’m a beach boy, I ma’ surf the beat.
On some goon shhh. Now my dudes murk for me.
The buckle on a black belt – third degree.
Hi-yah, chop suey on a track, trick.
Shoot a vivid picture, Terra Patrick.
No director, but I gets access,
And I’m headed out to cut a couple actresses.
Can’t nobody stop it.
It’s like they runnin’ out of options.
Another Lost Soul, and I’m wanderin’ ‘round the comets.
Smoke a garden, flow water like a faucet.

It’s like two sides of the coin – Yang meets Yin.
I got that priceless smile, he got that “pay me” grin,
But you can’t no evil if there ain’t no good (Nogood).
Whether suburbs or cities, we invade yo’ hood.
And they take it as a threat from where they all stood,
Cuz we cover every angle more than they all could.
Two fingers in the air. Misfit, show ‘em that V,
And still throwin’ up the K, so put that thumb between. (Kaotic!)
Shine the light on the West, let everyone be seen.
That’s my brother, so ain’t nothin’ ever come between.
Back on track is the status. You ask me if we practiced?
Might as well ask me to autograph a mattress.
Neither makes sense, homie, I don’t need sleep.
And Misfit was born in snow four feed deep.
Me, I’m a Roman candle, so I don’t need heat,
And you put us both together? We don’t know defeat. C’mon man.


released February 1, 2011
Produced by Vincent "Vince P" Phathanak, additional production by Jason "A.L.S." Frerking



all rights reserved